Treasure on the Tracks

Studio production images. A little boy places his pennies on the railroad tracks in the time-honored Canadian tradition of flattening them by an oncoming train, to create a personal treasure of childhood. As he waits for a train that will never come down the decommissioned line, he daydreams about the glory days of the railways, when the old train station was the central hub of activity. When all modes of transport were used to carry goods to and from the train cars, he dreamt of all the stories that travelled with them. Like the time a train carrying nitroglycerin exploded with so much force windows were rattling as far away as Detroit! It happened right beside the old train station, but the station survived the blast and was rebuilt, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes in all it’s glory- the real treasure on the tracks. The boy dreamt of this too, as pennies from heaven floated in his imagination awaiting their flattening time.


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