Portrait painting is the original 'selfie'- just ask Rembrandt. Artists have been exploring their own identity since the mirror image and painting first co-existed. Now they co-exist with the flip of a switch in the palm of our hands, broadcast in near perpetuity across the global network. Superficial and superfluous, they permeate our cyber culture as the first point of contact in the 21st century form of non-verbal dialogue; our way of ‘living on’ in cyberspace.
“Selfie” does a double take on the concept, returning contemporary narcissism it to its original form of oil painting- one which uses the personal organic matrix of self-analysis as the filter of identity and the yearning to ‘live on’. I paint myself as I see myself in the lens of my Iphone, sitting at a Starbucks, nonplussed, slightly distorted by the micro lens, in search of meaning and depth, still looking for ‘real’ connections in the ephemeral, unreal world trying to surplant my true real time experiences.